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Our chauffeurs

A cornerstone of our service is the unparalleled quality of our handpicked luxury drivers in Paris, each rigorously trained and vetted.

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About our chauffeurs' skills

Our qualified and experience chauffeurs, are all bilingual and very effective under all circonstances. They implement their expertise and professionalism to meet all your requirements, and that, in an absolute confidentiality.

For the ultimate executive transportation in Paris, the DBS EXPERIENCE luxury drivers have been individually and meticulously chosen. They know when to provide advice and assistance, and when to discreetly stay in the background. You will find them courteous, knowledgeable and always willing to be of service in the most unobtrusive manner.

In addition to having all licenses up-to-date, we ensure that each luxury driver in Paris has at least 5 years experience as an executive chauffeur, has been checked by the Criminal Records Bureau and has a good driving record. Conscious of the nature of our often high profile clientele, all of our professional drivers are required to sign detailed confidentiality agreements.

Ensuring the confidentiality of all our clients is a very important aspect of meeting our customer's requirements. This gives our clients the utmost peace of mind and enables all our chauffeurs to provide you with a discreet and professional chauffeur service. All our professional luxury drivers in Paris are trained to the highest standards and wear a dark suit and tie with a light colored shirt and dark dress shoes.

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What our clients say about our chauffeurs

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“Very impressed by the service.

“Excellent service! The chauffeur arrived 30 minutes early which was perfect as we were ready to go.
Will definitely be using the service again.”

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