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Our chauffeur services

With an unmatched focus on detail, DBS EXPERIENCE offers a top-notch chauffeur-driven car service tailored to fulfill all your travel requirements in Paris and beyond.

On this image we can see Paris cdg airport departure terminal

Airport transfer Paris

We take care of your airport transfer with a chauffeur-driven sedan, van/mpv or minibus.

On this image we can see a business traveler in a luxury driver car service in Paris

As directed hourly hire

A professional chauffeur will be at your disposal for as long as you require.

On this image we can see a client waiting in a Paris airport vip lounge

Airport vip services Paris

We can provide you with a substantial range of bespoke concierge services at the airport.

On this image we can see a business/corporate traveler looking at his chauffeur driven Mercedes V Class in Paris while drinking a coffee.

Corporate chauffeur cars

Our corporate chauffeur service in Paris provides you with all the chauffeur ground transportation solutions you need during your business trip.

On this image we can see a luxury hotel concierge in Paris opening an executive chauffeur driven car rear door for a woman

Events chauffeur service

Specialized in luxury and corporate event transportation and logistics. Our chauffeur car service is for all sizes and types of events.

On this image we can see a chateau in the Loire Valley, France, during a private chauffeur city tour

Private chauffeur tours

With years of experience, we can customise your individual needs and recommend suitable itineraries for you and your guests.

on this image, we can see a luxury chauffeur drive Mercedes S-Class Paris

City to city chauffeur transfer

Experience our chauffeured door-to-door transfer service like no other. We'll make sure you arrive at your destination safely and comfortably.

In this image we can see a woman in a luxury chauffeur driven limousine in Paris

Paris fashion-week chauffeur

Enjoy luxury transportation and the unparalleled chauffeur car service DBS EXPERIENCE offers Paris Fashion-Week attendees.

In this image we can see a corporate traveler arriving in private jet Paris

Private aviation chauffeur

We provide the best private jet chauffeur cars for VIP's and are the first choice for luxury chauffeur transfers in all Paris private jet terminals.


Where Parisian Elegance Meets Unmatched Service

At DBS EXPERIENCE, we redefine the essence of luxury and corporate travel in the heart of Paris with a service that goes beyond transportation. Our core value is rooted in the seamless blend of Parisian elegance, unparalleled reliability, and bespoke travel experiences, setting us apart in the world of luxury and corporate chauffeur-driven services.

Our fleet of state-of-the-art vehicles, driven by professional chauffeurs who embody discretion and professionalism, ensures that every journey with us is not just a ride but a passage through the timeless elegance of Paris. Tailored specifically for the discerning traveler, our services cater to those who demand more than just luxury—they seek an experience that encapsulates the sophistication and charm of Parisian life.

Chauffeur V-Class Mercedes Van in Paris with DBSEXPERIENCE.COM
Chauffeur-driven Mercedes V-Class

DBS EXPERIENCE stands at the confluence of tradition and innovation, offering an impeccable level of service that anticipates the needs and desires of our clients. From corporate executives to luxury travelers, our bespoke services are designed to provide an unmatched level of comfort, efficiency, and exclusivity.

Experience the epitome of Parisian luxury with DBS EXPERIENCE—where every journey is a testament to our commitment to excellence, crafted with an unparalleled attention to detail and a personalized touch that transforms your travel into an unforgettable experience.

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What our clients say

In this image we can see a woman walking from her chauffeur driven Rolls Royce Phantom in Paris

“A flawless record for nearly 14 years

“Very professional, excellent service.
Drivers are constantly co-ordinating and they are on time, every time. I highly recommand.”

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